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Analogue mozzarella production line

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Line for the production of analogue mozzarella with different capacity from 300 kg/h up to 1800 kg/ h.

- It is suitable for stretching pizza cheese and food ingredients by using as raw material, powders as rennet casein, starch and vegetable or animal fat.
- Possibility to add flavors and spices.
- The line is composed of a steam cooker-stretcher entirely built in Aisi 316 stainless steel, double wall vat for the steam injection into the jacket at 4 Bar.
- The product stretching - melting happens  by steam injected into the jacket or by direct steam injection.
- The vat is fitted with two 2-way augers used for kneading and activated by a motor reducer with adjustable speed and Inverter.
- Easy use of the machine thanks to recipes set in the PLC to control the production ingredients.
- The machine is supplied by an autonomous CIP washing system, incorporated in the machine.
- Automatic moulding machine suitable for round products, cylindrical shape products or rectangular shape products.
- Extruder for the production for clipping product.
- Shredding machine suitable to cut mozzarella in cubes or julienne.