Design INDUSTRY 4.0

MilkyLAB with a view to Industry 4.0, tends to improve industrial automation by integrating new production technologies in order to improve working conditions by increasing the productivity and production quality of the plants. One of our first customers to focus on Industry 4.0. is Sabelli Spa, a company at the forefront of investments and innovation today among the top Italian dairy groups.


Industry 4.0 has been at the center of economic transformation in Italy and around the world for some years, but what exactly is Industry 4.0?


It is a process that stems from the fourth industrial revolution and is leading to fully automated and interconnected industrial production.

New digital technologies will have a profound impact within four development guidelines: use of data; analytics; human / machine interaction; additive / robotic manufacturing.

Experts and observers are trying to understand how work will change, which new skills will be needed and which ones may soon disappear. From the research “The Future of the Jobs”, presented at the World Economic Forum 2016, it emerged that, in the coming years, technological and demographic factors will deeply influence the evolution of the labor market.

Consequently, the skills and abilities sought change: in 2020 problem solving will remain the most sought after soft skill, but critical thinking and creativity will become more important. Precisely because the scenario is rapidly changing, we must equip ourselves to reap the benefits of Smart Manufacturing


How does industry 4.0 change factories?

The 4.0 Factory, daughter of the fourth industrial revolution, is made up of machines that are completely interconnected, which interact with each other and carry out self-diagnostics and preventive maintenance. In the MilkyLAB Factory 4.0 the flexibility of the plants will be such as to allow the products to be customized according to the individual customer. The factory will know how to procure energy without waste and at the lowest possible cost, in a word it will be smart.

Also our customer SABELLI SPA bets on production lines 4.0